Thursday, February 25, 2016

Learn Korean language online

Welcome to Learn Korean dot Net
We are an independent online korean learning resource site, offering various free learning tools for speaking, reading and writing we also provide a unique online community forum featuring teachers to help you learn as you go.
Learn Korean has developed from a small language site, to one of the largest learning website online.

We will teach you in gradual phases, and will also provide you with a forum, where you can ask each other, as well as our teachers for help. We will also recommend a wide variety of online language learning tools, in the event that you wish to take your learning further, and will give you guidance in order to allow you to achieve this aim. We encourage all students to learn at their own pace, since their learning is dependent on their abilities.

Please Note that when using this online language learning site, you need to set your encoding to Korean, to be able to read the Korean Text.

To do this right click -> select encoding -> select Korean.

Basic Lessons

    Lesson 1 Hangul Alphabet System
    Lesson 2 Double Vowels (¸ðA½)
    Lesson 3 Use of Consonants (자음) and Vowels (모음)
    Lesson 4 - Grammer
    Lesson 5 - Sentence Structure and order
    Lesson 6 - Asking for things
    Lesson 7 - Korean Names and Topics
    Lesson 8 - More on Grammar
    Lesson 9 - Using Negative Copula's
    Lesson 10 Numbers and Counting
    Lesson 11 Using -seyo
    Lesson 12 - Grammar 1 + 2
    Lesson 13 - Grammar 3 + 4
    Lesson 14 - Grammar 5 + 6
    Lesson 15 - Family Members


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