Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to fix Monkey Test and Time service Ghost push viruses android

Ghost push trojan malware is the origin of monkey test android virus & Time service virus. Ghost push injects malicious code into fake apps with the famous app name such as Talking Tom 3, Privacy Locker or smart locker.

This Trojan malware gets installed on your smartphone, once you download and install the infected apps from outside of Google Play.

The most common Ghost Push viruses that are currently infecting the Android smartphones are monkey Test, Time service, cameraupdate.apk, providerdown.apk, thememanager.apk, providercertificate.apk.

Cheetah Mobile is the developer of popular apps such as Clean Master and CM Security Antivirus, who investigates more about Ghost push right from the beginning. Now, they came up with the new security tool called Ghost Push Trojan Killer App to remove those Trojans. Follow the below steps to remove those virus/malware from your device.

Download and install the Ghost Push Trojan Killer App

Freezing is the alternative way to stop an app from background running and auto start. There are several apps available on Google Play store to freeze any app. Link2SD and device control are the excellent tool in this category.

    Install either Link2SD or Device control app.
    Once installed, open either Link2SD or Device control on your smartphone and tap on Monkey test app.

 3. After the virus app getting frozen, try to uninstall Monkey Test & Time service app by using Link2SD or Device Control

 4. Immediately, you will get a list of option to control the app, select Uninstall from there. If the application failed to uninstall, just try to utilize the Freeze mode.


Repeat the step 2 & 4 to stop Time service virus from background running.

Manually deleting Ghost Push viruses:

Depending on your Android version, go to the below location which, is available on your device. Find the Ghost Push virus such as Monkey Test, Time service, cameraupdate.apk, providerdown.apk,thememanager.apk, providercertificate.apk and delete it.

    Phone memory/data/app.
    Phone memory/vendor/operator/app.
    Phone memory/system/priv-app.
    Phone memory/system/apps.
    Phone memory/system/preloadapp.

Alert: You should have root access to navigate to this location. Otherwise, this trick also will not work.


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