Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How to fix crashes in minecraft

How to fix crashes in minecraft

Lower Render Distance
Set your render distance one lower than it is already, this fixed all my crashes, it does not matter how good your machine is, mine can run Crysis 2 and completly maxed out settings (even with an "extreme" setting) with no lag, but this fixed my minecraft crashing. I was on Far and am now on normal.

Do a clean install. (Windows)

    First back up your saves.
    C:\Users\<YOUR USER>\appdata\roaming\.minecraft
    Copy the Saves folder to your desktop.
    You may also want to back up texture packs.
    Now delete everything else in the .minecraft folder.
    Launch Minecraft and let it download all the files.
    Now put your Saves folder back in your .minecraft folder.
    You have just done a clean install and kept your saves.

If you are still having problems after this try:

    Open the Minecraft client
    Click on options (directly above Login)
    Click on "Force Update!"
    Click on "Done"
    Log in to the game, and the client will re-download the game files


Make sure all your drivers are up to date, for keyboards and USB to GFX cards and Sound cards.

    Update Java

    Turn Smooth Lighting off

    If you are running 64 Bit windows make sure you have 64 bit java.

    To get 64 bit java open internet explorer 64bit

    Go to and download java from there.


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